Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The struggle within

I know I said the next post was going to be about my first trip to the pool, but I went on my first real bike ride since Ironman and I got in an argument with a friend of mine that I thought I would share with you guys.

Imagine this fading to a Saved By The Bell dream sequence, with fuzzy neon outlining the scene.
Thats better.
Brain- "This is the third time we've tried to get some actual training done and you keep quitting on me! What's the deal?"
Body- "I know the viscous cycle we're starting here! You start out slow, and before I know it your making me do things that I don't want to."
Brain- "That may be true, but it's good for us. Besides if I don't make you hurt a little bit now, you're going to regret it in Hawaii. Because in Hawaii..... I wont listen to you at all.
Body- "I know. I remember what you did to me last Sunday"
Brain- "Yea sorry about that... but you were kind of being a baby. We've ran much faster than that before.... And look at yourself! You should be disgusted! You look like Hell. Anyway didn't I keep my promise to you?"
Body- "What promise was that?"
Brain- "You had been begging me for Beer and Coke (cola not blow) for months now. I gave you more than enough over the 4th of July weekend."
Body- "Yeah I guess you did... but next time could you ease up on the beer. I may be asking for more, but you're supposed to be the smart one here. You gotta stop me at some point. I was out of control"
Brain- "I figured I had to let you have some fun so I could get back to punishing you within the next week. Anyway... I don't think I've ever been able to stop you."
Body- "Okay, okay.... I'll let you start punishing me again, but you have to promise you'll back off when I tell you to."
Brain- "Alright it's a deal"
Brain- "Yea right"
Body- "What was that?"
Brain- "Nothing. Just keep pedaling!"

At this point my stomach chimes in.
Stomach- "Hey guys, I'm getting a little hungry"
Brain- "Oh yeah. I guess it is time to eat"
Stomach "Whoa Whoa Whoa. What is that. I am not eating anymore GU!"
Brain- "Well what the hell do you want then?"
Stomach- "How bout some pizza?"
Brain- "Look where we are! There is no pizza! Now take the GU and be happy!"
Stomach - "Nah. I'm not hungry anymore."
Brain- "Thats a lie! I guess we're gonna have to do this the old school way. Open up the Hanger here comes the airplane!"
This is my buddy. He's always a welcome site at the top of the big climb on Valley Chapel Rd.
I learned 2 things from this argument.
1) My body is pretty much like your wife (notice how I said YOUR wife, not MY wife. My wife is perfect and also reads my blog.) It complains a lot, but most the time it's just for the sake of complaining.
2) My stomach is like a little kid.
That's pretty much how it went. The airplane noises work every time. So if you ever see me out on ride making airplane noises, think nothing of it.
I'm pretty sure everyone that participates in any kind of sport has these conversations with there body.
This is one of the reasons my brain wins these arguments. I get to see things on my bike I wouldn't get to see otherwise.
I know what you're all thinking. Did he just post a blog update that included Saved By The Bell, a picture of a Lama and an argument with himself. And YES "That just happened!"

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  1. Oh yes. My body had the same conversations - back in the day it was my liver asking for a new home. Now it's everything else (except for my brain) saying 'stop! I'm tired' and then my brain will kick in 'yeah right. we're going unti she pukes...and then pick up right where we left off. punk'