Monday, October 4, 2010

Pardon my absence

It’s been a little while since I last blogged, and for that I’m sorry. Things have been extremely busy this last month around the house. As some of you may know my wife and I are expecting our first baby in January, and if you know my wife Morgan at all that means a lot of planning and getting things done as soon as possible. Unfortunately that’s not the only change to our family dynamic. We lost my grandfather a little over 2 weeks ago, and that added a little more emotional stress to deal with. But, exciting times are ahead and I know he wouldn’t have wanted us to dwell on the negative.

As far as the Kona training goes, things finally started to turn around about a month ago. I’m able to run with minimal tightness in my hamstrings and was even able to get a few long rides in after my accident. The last of my scabs fell off about a week ago and I feel like I’m pretty much all healed up. I’m sure this is a phrase echoed throughout the world from anyone about the compete in an Ironman or marathon, “If I only had three more weeks, I know I would be right where I want to be” but for me this really rings true. My fitness is just coming back to where it was before my injuries, however it left me no time for a good taper. After speaking with some very knowledgeable folks I decided to continue to build pretty much into the week of the race and use a short taper to try and recover some of the energy I know I’ll need on October 9th. That meant no long runs. The logic behind this strategy is that they take too long to recover from and there wasn’t time to bounce back from these workouts. My longest run would be 15 miles with a few 10- 13 milers sprinkled in. As far the swimming aspect of training goes… it is what it is. I tried to get to the pool as much as possible but I just couldn’t get focused on trying to get faster. I went about two weeks without getting in the water while I waited for my wounds to close, and that hurt my training more than anything else. Once I healed I made sure to put my time in, but I definitely could have done more.

So here I sit staring out the window into the rain, in Spokane with 5 days left until the cannon goes off, and I can’t help but be jealous of my friends that are already in Kona getting ready for the race. Soon enough I will be joining them. See you Wednesday!

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