Friday, October 22, 2010

Pictures from Hawaii

I know most people hate looking at pictures of other peoples vacations, however I just found more pictures I thought I would share with everyone.
Underpants Run 2010
Wow!! I am white!

This race is kind of a big deal. Just look at the size of the screen.
The pier the night before.
Getting the finish line set up.
Checking the bikes in is even a big deal. There are at least 20 people with clipboards doing the counts for what equipment people are using.
Let the madness begin!
Morgan looking for me in the swim. Do you think she found me?
The view from the pedestrian bridge set up near the hot corner.
This is probably the best bike picture I've had in a race. Good work Dad.
That's me to the left of the fist.
5 miles in. Thats as far as my lips could move towards a smile.
No better feeling that coming down the finishing shoot!
My friends got a little bored waiting for me to come back to town so they decided to do backflips off the pier. Notice the rocks down there.
Relaxing the day after the race at Hapuna Beach.
Our private black sand beach. The location is top secret.


  1. Haven't been down there in years. Did you guys stay overnight or just a day thing?

  2. Just a day thing. It was great though.