Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reflecting on 2010

Well 2010 has come to an end and now seems like a great time to reflect on last year.... Goals are a funny thing for me. It seems even when I reach them I always find something that I feel like I could have done better.
I'll start with the road running races that kicked off the year. The season kicked off with a 3 minute 5 miler PR at the St. Paddy's Day 5 in Spokane. My goal was to run sub 30 and I went low 28. You'd think it would have been a great feeling however... I was beaten by a dude pushing a stroller! WTF! Sorry for the harsh letters, but that hurts! I'm hoping the kid in the stroller was small but to be honest I never saw him since I was behind him the ENTIRE time!
Next up, was the Rapid Rabbit Run 5 miler. I finished 5th there the year before and it starts at East Valley High School (my Alma mater). Oddly enough as a baseball player there in high school we were forced to run it, and I hated running so much that a group of us ducked into a neighborhood about 1/2 a mile in and waited about a half an hour then jumped back in. My how things have changed. Anyway, back to the race. My goal for this was to finish top 3. I ended up winning it. My first ever overall win! This was a great feeling! I actually couldn't find much wrong with this one. I even got a trophy.
Two weeks later I did the Recycle Run. It was a dead flat 4 miler and I again took the overall win. I was able to run with more confidence knowing I had won a race the week before. The best part about this race? They give away recycled trophies and I got first pick. Naturally I went with the biggest one. The figure on top was of course a man in a wheelchair. Another great race.

Here's a close up shot of my Grand prize
The week after was Bloomsday! I love this race! 40,000 people running through the streets of downtown Spokane. I've ran this race over 15 times, but I peaked at 10 years old with a 58:40. Last year I went 44:xx and I thought that was my peak, but this year I was running better than I ever have and cut 3 minutes off from last year. I finished 70th and after the Kenyans were dropped from the age group ranks I ended up 10 in my AG. Nobody lets my head get too big though, some of my friends were quick to point out that I got chicked by 13 women. I didn't get beat by any stollers though.
After Bloomsday it was time to start the tri season. As I've said before I like to start my season with Onionman in Walla Walla. This year was
no different, however I'm horrible about procasinating and I let this race fill up before I signed up. This left me scrambling to find a spot. With a week left I finally tracked down a spot. A local triathlete named John Martinek wanted to get rid of his wifed slot. I met him at his house and got everything squared away. This left me without a hotel plan so I decided to drive down the morning of. I Got there with about an hour to go and got ready to roll. I wanted to go top 3 in my AG and I didn't quite get there. I finished 10th overall and fourth in my AG. I was a little disappointed, but it was still did better than the year before and I ran my best 10k ever. I thought this was setting me up for a great Ironman CDA.
In the week following Onionman things started to fall apart. My left leg was struck with ITBS. I shut down the running for the 3 weeks before Ironman and skipped The Moses Lake Tri. It was really a bummer, because I was running better than ever prior to this.
I think this is a good place to stop as this is getting a bit long. Next time I'll dig into Couer d' Alene the summer and my thoughts on Kona.


  1. 3 minutes off of an already super fast 5 mile time is incredible. You usually only see time drop off like that with people that have lots of time to give up. Well done.

    Sounds like an awesome running first half of the year!

  2. You had a killer race season! Congrats! And don't let the people with the baby strollers fool you. Some of them are pretty bad ass. Can't wait to see how your 2011 season rolls out!

  3. Congrats on an awesome season. Not looking forward to getting my butt kicked by you this year :)

    Keep it up man...you are too freakin' fast!!!