Friday, December 10, 2010

Time to let her go


I ended up falling into an incredible deal on a new Felt tri- bike so the wife is enforcing the one tri-bike per person rule. The Cervelo has got to go! It's a 2008 54 cm ultegra build. I bought it new from Fitness Fanatics in July of 2008 and have completed 3 Ironman races. This bike and I have been through a lot together so it's a little bitter sweet to let her go. We've tremendous highs together (5:09 Ironman Cda bike split, our trip to Kona together) and some lows (the well documented crash). In regards to the crash the bike came out a lot better than I did with only a scratched right bull horn and a scratched pedal. It was completely gone through by fitness fanatics and I put another 500 miles on it post crash including Ironman Hawaii. Would I ride it if it was defective? No way!! I'm gonna be a dad soon and I have to provide for the family. So here are some pictures. I'm including the various nicks in the paint none of which is any more than a nick

Can't get much more aero at this price
Upgraded Cee Gee's pads. So Comfy!
Nick in the paint from cable rubbing
Brand new Felt 3.3 Saddle if you want it.
Or the original Profile tri saddle.
Paint chip from the trainer.
Another trainer paint chip
Foot rub on the crank arm. Not from the crash.
Another paint chip from the trainer.
Scratch in the decal.
Paint rubbed off from the aero drink bracket.
Paint Chip from lack of flexibility. Can't my leg that high.
11-23 cassette

Paint chip from trainer again.

The damage from the crash. Now covered by new bar tape. You can't even tell it's there.
Lightly scratched brake lever.
Pedal is pretty scratched but I rode it for the rest of the season. Just looks ugly.

Well there you have it. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at

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