Friday, January 7, 2011


Well...Onionman went okay as I said, but I drove home from the race and thought I felt pretty good so I might as well go for a run. Bad idea! I had underestimated the toll the race had taken on my body. Racing Ironman has caused me to think that short races should be easy and I should bounce back a lot faster than I actually do. The reality is these shorter races can be pretty hard on your body as you tend to push yourself much harder and do them at much faster paces. I finished my 8 mile run and felt a little tight but not too bad.

The following week I ventured out with intention of running my last 20 miler before Ironman. I made it about 4 miles and started to have some pain in my right knee. I walked a little bit, but I didn't want to walk the enitre 4 miles back to the car so I ran/walked back with the knee pain. I've had little aches and pains before, and I remember thinking this was no different. "It will be gone by tomorrow"

Well, the weekend came and I did my long ride on the Ironman course and a 5 mile brick after with a little tightness, but no pain in my knee. Hooray!! I'm cured. (yeah...not so much)

The next day I had a medium length run (about 13 miles) so I head out and make it about 6 miles then the knee pain comes back and it's a lot worse than before. Again, I'm stuck 6 miles away from home. This time I had no choice but to walk three miles to a gas station and call my wife to come pick me up. A year of hard work down the drain. I thought I was done. There were only about 3 weeks left to Ironman so I threw everything I could at the problem. Physical therapy, stretching, even accupuncture. No running for three weeks and I decided that I was going to leave it out on the course, and let the chips fall where they may.

Come race day I felt pretty okay but I was pretty confident my chances at Kona qualifying were gone. Of course everything ended up working out great (for a full recap check my race report) and I got my Kona slot. Still I couldn't help but think if I could have ran even better had I been healthy.

From there I had more running problems. I never really got running again until December. I'm just now starting to feel right again. Although I do have to do all my running with a calf sleeve or compression sock on my left leg to keep my calf feeling right.

So.... not much running and the well documented bike crash lead me into Kona with less prep than I wanted, and very different expectations of the race. Although it didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it was an awesome experiece and it really has made me hungrier to get back and do much better.

So here are my training numbers for 2010.
Swim- 126 hours (my skin hates me for the 126 chlorinated hours) 195 miles
Bike- 267 hours (I left some of my skin on the road this year) 5203 miles
Run- 115 hours (I left a lot of skin in my running shoes this year) 942 miles

I'm a little dissapointed in the running numbers, but there isn't much I can do about it now. My goals for 2011 are to get to Las Vegas for 70.3 World Championships and race well on the big stage, with another Kona run (hopefully) in 2012. With the shorter distance and baby due in 2 weeks I imagine the volume may take a little hit for 2011, but I plan on making up for in intensity. Good luck to everyone in 2011!

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