Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why do we go too hard?

Unrelated to this post but, here's a picture of my new ride. It's a Planet X Exocet with Sram Red. (It's gonna look pretty mean with the race wheels!)

In the previous post I gave an example of my own stubborness and stupidity derailing my training. In this update I'd like to look a little closer at some possible reasons this happens.

The first is obvious and was discussed in my prior post. I, like many triathletes want to do too much too soon. I ran too hard for too long and ended up with my prior ITBS resurfacing. The problem is that running doesn't feel all that difficult when doing it.
As a triathlete when I get injured I simply cut back or take a complete break from whichever of the three sports seems to be aggravating the injury. This allows me to maintain my cardiovascular fitness while I take break from running. In theory this is an excellent idea. The problem I seem to run into is that I keep a decent aerobic "engine" but my legs aren't used to pounding that I want to put them through. It takes time for your the ligaments and muscles to adapt to any sport. Running in particular is very hard on your legs so it takes even more time that others. So.... I come back from an injury with the mindset of easing back into things, but before I know it I'm running fairly fast simply because I feel great during the workout. This is all fine and good for a couple of weeks, but it eventually your body will remind you that are not in the same shape you were a year ago.
This time I'm taking it slow. Sometimes painfully slow. I know I know, I've said this before. This time I mean it! The paces I'm running on the treadmill are downright embarrassing! Hopefully this will result in a healthy season and recovery that actually lasts more than a month. I've missed a few road races that I would normally be all over.
The second problem I've noticed sort of fits in with my first point. For some reason the swimming and biking still seem to mildly affect my ITBS. It's not bad enough to hurt, but it is obvious that it's slowing my recovery. I feel like I'm constantly keeping things mildly inflamed. The problem I can't afford to stop completely at this point. I'm too close to Boise and too committed to quit now. So I'll continue to take things slow and and hope that the additional steps I'm taking to heal actually work.
Well... I'm sure There are plenty of other reasons triathletes seem to always be hurt, but those are the two that come to mind for me. On another note I've lined up another sponsor. The company is called Albopads. The product is a reusable pad that you use pack your bike you send it through airport security. I'm sure those security guys are all VERY gentle with our expensive bikes, but you could always use a little extra cushioning when it come to a $5000 investment. You can check them out at the link on the right of the page.

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