Monday, July 18, 2011

De soto Liftoil Review

I thought I would share a review of a recent purchase I made. It is he De soto Liftfoil. What is a Liftfoil you ask? Well, it's a one piece tri suit that doubles as a swim skin. Impossible you say? No so fast. This thing is great!

We'll go through the Liftfoil in order of event that you wear it.
1. The swim- The De Soto Liftfoil is first and foremost a tri suit. However, it also pulls double duty as a swim skin. In non-wetsuit swims this is my go to suit. First of all it is very hydrodynamic. De Soto claims it to be every bit as fast as the more expensive swim skins from Blue Seventy. It has no pockets to act as parachutes in the water. If you've swam in a tri top you know what I mean. This suit also has what De Soto calls a float pad. It adds a little extra buoyancy and doubles as the bike chamois.
2. The bike- De soto shorts are by far the most comfortable I've ever used. They work great with Adamo saddle because of the slightly wider pad. The Liftfoil also feels very aerodynamic. In a podcast on they claimed that it could save minutes in an Ironman over a traditional 2 piece design.
3. The run- super comfy and you able to zip it down the front to cool off.
4. I forgot to mention the fourth discipline..... T1. You can run right past everyone peeling their swimskins.

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