Friday, October 28, 2011

Just keep swimming

Well... It's now the offseason and that means it time to focus on your weakness. For me it's painfully obvious that it's swimming (and maybe transitions). That has meant more time than ever staring at the black line at the bottom of the pool.
After the 70.3 World Championship I took 2 weeks off. When I say off I mean OFF. It didn't take long for me to notice I no longer had abs and my pants either shrunk or I was getting a little "thicker". It's amazing how quickly I was packing on the pounds. After those 2 weeks I decided I was time to get to work. The pool was calling my name. Typically when the pool calls my name I have no problem ignoring it. This year it was unavoidable.
I started swimming with an unofficial masters group Monday, Wednesday, and Friday last January. I have seen a tremendous amount of improvement in the last year in the pool and a small amount in some of my races. If I was going to make the leap to tremendous improvement in my races I needed to swim more. So starting October 1st I set out to swim 5 days week. I'm happy to report that 1 month in I'm still swimming 5 days a week and things seem to be progressing nicely. I'm actually enjoying my swims. All the swims haven't been long been but most have had some technique work built in. After all, swimming is 20% strength and 95% technique.
The swim focus started with a 100, 500 and 1000 yard time trial. I'm embarrassed to share these times but I figure if I throw them out in the blogosphere I'll have no choice but to improve upon them. Besides when you swim a 37 minute Half Ironman there is no hiding the fact that my swimming is well behind my bike and run. So here are the results.
500- 7:20
1000- 15:32
I think a 1:11 100 is doable and 7:00 500 and hopefully 14:50 1000. I'll report back at the end of November.
In the meantime I encourage everyone to get out there and do what you enjoy the least. :)

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